The Center for Audio Recording Arts

CARA, the Center for Audio Recording Arts, is a complex of recording studios, post-production suites, computer music laboratories and offices located on the Eleventh Floor of the historic Standard Building in the the new home of the School of Music at Georgia State University. CARA serves the research, teaching and service goals of the School of Music and the College of Arts and Sciences and is under the direction of Dr. Robert Scott Thompson.

The first phase of construction and equipment installation was completed in September of 1996. Currently, three control rooms and one Computer Music/MIDI studio and in full operation. The facility, designed by Walters-Storyk of New York, is distinctive as a site for faculty research, interdisciplinary study, technical training, education and artistic product development and is unique on the Georgia State University campus.

Studio A is a 24-track all-digital recording environment based on the TASCAM DA-88 MDM and the Yamaha 02R Digital Console. It also contains a dedicated DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) by Micro Technology Unlimited (the MicroSound) which has gigabytes of sound storage, comprehensive software for sound analysis, synthesis and modification, and CD recording capability. Studio B is quite similar to Studio A, the main differences being physical size (Studio B is smaller) and the recording console; Studio B is based around a TASCAM M3700 32x8 Recording Console with VCA Automation. Studio B also supports 24-track digital recording and has an identical MicroSound DAW for CD mastering and related research. Studio C is a 16-track digital recording studio based around the Mackie 24x8 Recording Console. Studio M is a computer music, MIDI, composition and teaching studio based upon the Pentium IV and Mac G4 microcomputers. It contains a variety of MIDI synthesis engines and associated signal processing and recording tools.

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Our current project is the creation of two brand new ProTools Studios

based on the ProControl and Control 24 consoles and featuring 5.1 monitoring!

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This page contains links to various course-related areas.

Many courses taught by Dr. Thompson have links here, including both MUSIC and MUSIC INDUSTRY courses.

MUSIC COMPOSITION - 17*, APCP 2000-4000-6000-8000

Music Composition Index

MTM 3110 Recording Techniques I

MTM_3110 Course Syllabus
MTM_3110 Course Assignments and Notes

MTM 3120 Recording Techniques II

MTM_3120 Course Syllabus
MTM_3120 Course Assignments and Notes
The Artist Shop by: Wheat Williams III

MI 3130 Recording Techniques III ~ ProTools and Mastering in 5.1 Surround!

MTM_3130 Course Assignments and Notes

MI 3140 Introduction to Location Recording Techniques - (DISCONTINUED)

MI_3140 Homepage

MUS 3150 Introduction to Electroacoustic Music - History and Literature Survey

MUS_3150 Homepage

MTM 3230 Computer Audio Techniques and Audio Post-Production

MTM_3230 Course Syllabus
MTM_3230 Audio Post-Production Main Page

MI 4610 Studio Production Workshop - (DISCONTINUED)

MI_4610 Studio Production Workshop - Syllabus

MTM 4900 Music Technology Final Project

MTM_4900 Music Technology Final Project - Syllabus

Electroacoustic Music and MIDI ~ MAX/MSP Programming / Csound Seminar

Electroacoustic Music and MIDI Main Page

MUS 4890/6890 Special Topics: Csound Users Seminar (CUS)

Fall Semester: Csound Final - Level I Students Beginner

Fall Semester: Csound Final - Level II Students Advanced

Fall Semester: Course Syllabus
Spring Semester: Course Syllabus
Fall '00 Midterm Examination
Csound Links
Eastman Csound Tutorial
Term Project
Additive Synthesis Example
Stereo Reverb Example
The Acoustic Compiler Defined
Basic Psychoacoustic Definitions and Concepts
Local Csound HTML Manual Version 3.46
Csound Front Page * Leeds England: Other Csound Links
Dartmouth Csound Pages * Other Csound Links and Computer Music Resources
Network Resources for Computer Music * Links
Computer Music and Digital Audio Series * More Computer Music Links
IRCAM * Institute for Coordinated Research in Music and Acoustics
Songlab * A very cool site from Berlin
Csound Acoustics Examples * Describing basic acoustics concepts with .orc and .sco files.
Rules for Musical Performance * Generative Performance Grammars for Electoracoustic Music

Articles by Faculty and Students

The Artists Shop * By: Wheat Williams III
Synching MIDI Sequencer Playback to Audio at GSU CARA * By: Wheat Williams III

Links to Other Places...

Pro Audio Web Links
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)
CCRMA at Stanford * Computer Music Resources
CCRMA Workshops * Computer Music Workshops - Sample
Durham University Music Technology Pages
Sox Sound File Exchange Homepage
FFT Software for Windows * Fast Fourier Transform for Sound Analysis
World Wired Productions * A new marketing force for music!
Organic Mechanics * A Forum for the Discussion of the Interface of Art and Technology

Other Information...

From: Piet van Oostrum (piet@CS.RUU.NL)
Midi files/software archives on the Internet

There is a list of ftp and mail server archives with MIDI documentation, programs and music on the Internet. Also enclosed is a list of MIDI and electronic music related mailing lists.

The latest version of this file can be obtained by ftp from [] in pub/MIDI/DOC/archives, on the WWW by or by e-mail from (send a message with HELP in the body). The latest monthly version is also available in the various news.answers archives around the world, in music/midi/archives.

Computer Music Bibliography

There is a bibliography on synthesizers, midi, computer and electronic music that I have collected from various sources. I have tried to bring some structure into it, but not all books will fit into a single subject. NOTE: I haven't read these books, and the comments are from other people.

The latest version of this file can be obtained by ftp from [] in pub/MIDI/DOC/bibliography, on the WWW by or by e-mail from (send a message with HELP in the body). The latest monthly version is also available in the various news.answers archives around the world, in music/midi/bibliography.

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